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How to use Template Manager 2006


The smart integration between Template Manager 2006 and your printer driver and media makes it the best solution for printing on special media. It comes with a wide range of commonly used templates to make life easier for office printing whilst also giving businesses the freedom to create their own templates for specific media or applications. The versatility of the program means that it can be used across all OKI Printing Solutions printers.

This is a quick overview to the features and functions available within Template Manager 2006. For a more indepth guide, please refer to the 'Help' section of this free in-box utility software.

Properties Bar

This area will show the selected object's size, position, rotation and whether it is locked or not. You can enter new values directly into these fields to move, resize or rotate objects. Please note, you can also make these changes to the object on the stage.

Tool Palette

The tools palette allows users to create new objects including shapes and text on curved paths.


This is the area where you can create and amend your document

Master Design / Full Page Tabs

When designing a page of labels or cards, the master view will show you one. Your changes to this will be duplicated to all other label or cards. The full sheet can be viewed by selecting the 'Full Page' tab.

Shapes Palette

This palette provides shapes that can be dragged and dropped onto the canvas. You will also have the opportunity to store your own shapes in this palette for reuse.

Properties Palette

This palette will display different options depending on the object you have selected. (EG, text or an image). It allows you to change the attributes to that object.

Although Template Manager 2006 comes with your printer, you can also download it here for free.