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How to make multiple copies


Making copies with the C3500 Series MFPs is simple, fast and efficient. Using the integrated Automatic Document Feeder option means that you can put in a number of sheets to copy – saving time and minimising user intervention.

1) Place the sheets that need to be copied into the Automatic Document Feeder.

2) On the operator panel, the copy function is the default setting. Use the navigation buttons on the right side of the screen to navigate the menus. Press the centre button to select the 'Copy' menu and specify further copy options.

3) Using the number keypad, type in the number of copies you require.

4) Specify whether you would like to enlarge or reduce your copies.

5) Select the paper size you will be copying onto

6) Specify what type of media you will be copying onto.

7) Press the green select button to start copying.