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Scan to usb


Scan directly to your memory stick, without using a pc.

1. insert usb stick into the front of the product.

2. A message will appear saying, 'Analyse Media Files:'. Depending on the amount and size of the usb stick and files, this can take up to a few minutes.

3. You will now see a few options: Print, Scan to. Select 'Scan to', using the up and down arrows.

4. Using the arrows, now select 'B&W scan' or 'colour scan'.

5. Give your file a name and press the green button.

6. now select either 'done' or 'Next page'.

The MFP will automatically create a folder on your usb stick and your files will be within this.

After a few minutes, the display will no longer show the print/ scan options. To return to these options simply press the up arrow - ok - You are now back at step 3.