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Simplex to Duplex copying


No one likes to be given a huge bulky handout. Wouldn't it be nice if you could half the size of that document without any loss of image and font size? OKI Printing Solutions makes it possible. Just follow these simple instructions and see how easy it is to create double sided copies from a single sided original.

Advantages of Simplex to Duplex copying:
-You only need to print on half the amount of paper
-Copies will be less bulky than the original, making them lighter and smaller to store

Before you begin press the Reset button located on the scanner control panel (Fig 1). This will remove any existing settings that have been input to the scanner from the previous user

1) Making sure that your pages are in the correct order and the same way around, place them in the ADF (Fig 2)
Note: You must remove any staples before placing your document in the ADF.

2) On the Basic Settings tab, press the Simplex/ Duplex button (Fig 3)

3) Select 1 to 2 sides and choose weather you would like your pages to turn from the long edge (Top/ Top) or the short edge (Top/ Bottom) (Fig 4) . Once selected press Ok

Note: You may receive an error message displaying the following "Warning: No appropriate paper size has been detected. Please re-specify a tray or set the same size paper as the document." This is just a reminder to set the orientation of the paper, which can be done from the 'Tray Selection' option under the 'Basics Tab'.

4) Press the Start button located on the scanner control panel, next to the display (Fig 5)

Your copies will now print