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Creating PDFs with ease  


Turn your paper document into a PDF, ready for distribution through email or to store in an archive 

1) From the start menu open PaperPort

2) In the top toolbar select the Scan icon (fig 1)

3) On the left column on the screen:

a. From the scanner drop down menu, select your Product (Fig 2)

b. Select the document type you would like to scan, either Document or Photography

c. Click on the Settings link and select the Output tab (Fig 3). From the File Type dropdown menu, select PDF and then select Ok

d. Click the Scan button. The Scan Manager function will now open (Fig 4)

4) Place your document face down in the flat bed scanner

Tip: Make sure that the top of your page is towards the left of the scanner so that it will scan upright. Although you can amend this after using the Scan Manager

5) Using the Scan manager function, select flatbed from the drop down menu

6) Click the Preview button and wait a few seconds to see how your scanned document will appear

7) If you are happy with the preview of your document then click the Scan button. If you would like to make some amends before you begin a final scan then this is also possible by using the options to the right of the preview. You may want to crop in on a certain part of your document, or remove boarders for example

8) When your document has finished scanning, click the Exit button and then click done

You will now be able to see your file stored on the PaperPort desktop. Your documents will be stored within a default location at: Mydocuments/PaperPortDocuments