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How do I make copies?


Replicate a single sided page or series of pages

1) Turn the scanner on
The scanner has a separate power switch, located at the back of the product. Make sure the both the printer and scanner are powered on

2) Place your document in the scanner
You can place the page or pages in either the top feeder face up or the flatbed scanner face down. The scanner will automatically detect if there is anything in the feeder so make sure that this is empty if you want to scan using the flatbed

3) Switch to copy mode

On the control panel on your MFP check that the mode is in 'Copy', it will be illuminated blue to indicate this. If it is not, press the 'copy' button. It will take 5-10 seconds to warm up

4) Copy

Press 'Mono' or 'Colour' to copy your document in either Monochrome or Colour

Your copies will now print