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Proof Printing


Is your printer the other side of the office?  Don't waste valuable time pacing back and forth from your pc to the printer, you can send your job to print then tell it what to do once you at the printer.

Note: You can only use the Secure Print option if you have HDD installed in your printer.

Part A: At your PC

1. From the file menu select Print, choose your printer then Properties
2. Under the Job Type drop down menu select Proof Print then Settings

3. In the Proof Printing box enter a user id specific to you. This could be your name for example

4. In the retrieve document name select either Auto Retrieve or Enter Document Name

5. Select OK, OK then OK again to print

One copy of your document will now print

Part B: At the Printer

After viewing your document, choose whether or not you would like to continue printing the other copies or delete and continue working on your document to make more amendments. Use the following steps for either option.
6. Using the left arrow, (if not already displayed) scroll until you see the `Secure Print` option on the print menu
Using the up or down arrow scroll until you see `Proof Print'
7. Arrow right (There may be a second or two delay here) to the `User Id' menu and then arrow Up to scroll for your user Id.
8. Arrow right to the Document Select menu. Scroll up or down until you find the name of the document that you wish to print.
9. Once you have found your document arrow right to select it and then using the up and down arrows scroll to choose print or delete and select this option by using the right arrow and then Select.

Your document will now print or be deleted from the print queue