Doe meer met uw product

How do I print bigger?


Make an impact - blow your documents up to poster size

Make sure your work gets seen

If size matters, it's easy to print bigger with OKI Printing Solutions. Whether it's a project plan, map, or point of sale material, sometimes bigger is definitely better.

Your OKI Printing Solutions colour product can enlarge a single-page document over a number of pages, so you end up with an attention-grabbing poster, with minimal effort.

Do it now

We recommend saving your format as a driver setting so next time you print this type of document everything is already set up for you.

  • Select File, Print from your application
  • Select the OKI Cxxxx driver and then Properties
  • From the Set-up menu, select Finishing Mode, Poster Print
  • Select Options and you now have various enlargement options, allowing you to print a document over a number of pages. You can also add crop marks and overlaps to help you cut and join the pages.

5. Select OK to print