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Banner Printing on Oki Printers


Printing on long sheets of paper for banners and charts

Making an announcement

Got something to say? Print a banner with your OKI Printing Solutions colour product and free Template Manager software

Print banners, project maps or Gantt charts easily with your printer and OKI Printing Solutions paper products. Use free Template Manager software to create your banner from scratch, or simply print existing banners all from the comfort of your own desk.

Do it now Create your banner from scratch

  • Download OKI Printing Solutions Template Manager software
  • Select Banners tab, then File, Design
  • Create a template by adding text, graphics, logos, spreadsheets and photos using the easy-to-use tools. The comprehensive Help menu is at hand if required
  • When finished click Save, Exit To print, make sure that the banner paper is loaded in the multi-purpose tray

  • Select Print. The software automatically selects your printer with the appropriate settings.

To print an existing PDF banner

This task applies to your products Post script driver only

  • Select File, Print in Acrobat Reader V6.0**
  • Select PostScript Oki Cxxxx(PS) driver***
  • Select Properties, Paper/Quality
  • Select Multi purpose tray in paper source
  • Click Advanced
  • Select PostScript Custom Page Size in Paper size
  • Select paper width and height for your page* (see bottom left corner of your screen for dimensions)
  • Click OK to go back to first driver screen
  • Click OK to print

*Some applications, like Microsoft Office, place limits on the size of paper you can use. You can print banners with the following paper specifications:- Maximum Paper weight: 200 gsm Maximum paper width: 210 mm Maximum paper length: 1200 mm **If you do not have Acrobat Reader 6, download it here