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Cut out the middleman


Super-quick printing straight from your printer's hard drive

Instant documents without a PC

Your Oki printer's Hard Drive can store several documents for hassle-free printing without a computer

This must be the quickest, most cost-effective way to produce company stationery. No need for a computer - simply store all documents on your printer's hard drive, printing off as many items as you need whenever you need to.

Do it now

First of all you need to check if you have a Hard Disk Drive in your printer. We recommend saving your format as a driver setting, so next time you print this type of document everything is already set up for you.

  1. Select File, Print from your application

  2. Select the Oki CXx00' driver and then Properties

  3. Select Store to HDD from the orientation menu on the Job Options page

  4. Enter your job name (e.g. J Smith bus. Cards - max 16 characters). This will be shown on the printer display

  5. Enter a PIN number. One PIN number can be used for multiple jobs, so the business cards for each department could be stored under one number

  6. Click OK

  7. Ensure you have checked Request job name for each print box

  8. Check your finishing and media settings are right for the job.

  9. Click OK Your job(s) will now be permanently stored on the printer for you (or anyone else) to access at any time without the need to use a PC.

To print directly from the printer's hard drive

  1. Simply enter the PIN number on the printer
  2. Press the menu button on the printer display panel and select Print Job Menu
  3. Enter your PIN number (press the Value +/-buttons for the correct number, press the Item +/- buttons to go across)
  4. Press Select

To print multiple jobs at once

Select All jobs. Alternatively, select individual jobs by name using the item +/- buttons. Having selected your desired job and the number of copies you want (collate number) press Select to print

Deleting a job

  1. Press the menu button on the printer display panel and select Print Job Menu
  2. Enter your PIN number
  3. Press Select
  4. Select jobs by name using the item +/- buttons
  5. Select Cancel
  6. Confirm by pressing Select - you can also delete all the jobs under your PIN number, by selecting All Jobs