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I want to be more eco-friendly


Be economical and ecological - print double-sided

Look after the pennies and the environment with Oki's simple double-sided (duplex) printing function

Whether you want to halve the size of the documents you print, print brochures or simply save paper, your Oki printer can easily be set up for duplex printing.

Do it now

Ensure your printer contains a duplex unit by opening the front and checking.

If your printer has a duplex unit but your driver shows the double-sided printing option greyed out then follow these steps:-

1. Select Start, Printersand fax
2. Right click your Oki printer's driver icon
3. Select Properties, Device options
4. Tick Duplex unit box
5. Click OK

You should now be set up to print double-sided documents. However, if you still experience difficulties contact your IT department.

1. Select File, Print, OKI C7X00(PCL) driver
2. Select Properties
3. Select 2-sided printing for either the long (portrait) or short edge (landscape) of the paper
4. Click OK twice to print your duplex document

We recommend using the PCL driver, and saving your format as a driver setting, so next time you print this type of document everything is already set up for you. Browse our other Ask Oki articles to find out about printing booklets and brochures using the duplex function.